track 1When we're alone Composition: Clifford BrownLyrics: Mike Stillman Original title Joy Spring, composed for his wife whom he called his "joy spring'.                     

track 2

Jean de Fleur


Composition: Grant Green


Idle Moments is a 1963 jazz album by guitarist Grant Green. Released on Blue Note, it features performances by Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone, Bobby Hutchersonon vibes, Blue Note in-house producer Duke Pearson on piano, Bob Cranshaw on bass, and Al Harewood on drums. It was released in early 1965


track 3

Troublant bolero


Composition: Django Reinhardt

Lyrics: Pablo Narudo/Eva Scholten


In the tradition of Django Reinhardt

   track 4Nice work if you can get it Composition: George GershwinLyrics: Ira GershwinThis song was one of nine songs George Gershwin wrote for the movie A Damsel in Distress, in which it was performed by Fred Astaire with backing vocals provided by The Stafford Sisters in 1937.                    

track 5



Composition: Gigi Gryce


First recorded with Clifford Brown in Paris on October 8, 1953. Gryce recorded it again with Art Blakey, and again on his The Hap'nin's album for Prestige (May 3, 1960). It is one of the 500 songs in the 6th Edition Real Book  and has been recorded over 40 times by many of the big names in Jazz

track 6

No moon at all


Composition & lyrics: David Mann


Inspired by Julie London's version on the album 'Julie Is Her Name' (1955) the band took on a challenge to give this famous jazzstandard a totally new vibe. Some whiskey and candlelight resulted a one-taker in the middle of the night in their studio in Oslo. The result is hauntingly beautiful.